What is joy and where does it come from?

Is one type of joy more real than another type? Is the joy coming from the external world differ from a joy that stems from within

Both are real. Both are valid, both can make you happy! But it is true that there is a more superficial joy and a deeper one.

The superficial joy is more spontaneous and less lasting. The deeper joy is less superficial yet can last longer. It is closer to reaching a sense of fulfillment . It has nothing to do with external goals, achievements or profits.

It has more to do with an inner journey, with an inner process , with inner confidence, with knowing that no matter what happens everything is fine as is and you are where you have to be in your journey of inner growth.

There is a joy that is lived from the scaffolding and another that is lived from the foundations.

One more sterile and the other more fertile. One that rests and the other that sets you in motion as a seeker. Both motivate!

One that frees and the other that treasures.

One more ephemeral and the other more palpable.

One that brings good times and the other on which to live day by day.

One that comes from the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing the right thing and one that comes from the excitement of knowing you are doing the wrong thing. Both beneficial!

One that comes and goes and one that is always there, hidden at times, but you know of its presence

One that you’re not sure about and one that once you find it, it will be everlasting

One that is surprising and another… too!

What a pleasure to dig into the energy of joy and to be able to write about it!

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