To traverse, to transit, to advance

Whoever crosses through goes through. And he who crosses through moves forward.

Here to transit refers to a path that is consciously taken. My patient knew the road by heart, although in some ways and on some level it was the first time he had walked it.

Here I am, waiting for my patient to arrive for his therapy appointment and realizing that those days are long gone when he would arrive in such a hurry. He spoke fast and with a certain nervousness. 

Together as patient and therapist we evolved, we changed, we walked, one of the things we had worked on was precisely speaking quickly and slowly. As soon as he began to speak slowly, he began to listen to himself, he began to walk. To feel each step, one foot behind the other. He was learning to become more present in his life. 

To go slowly. Only when you slow down can you become aware. Only by slowing down you can live each moment to its fullest. By slowing down you savor the richness of every moment and see yourself more fully in it. 

How does it feel to mindfully slow down precisely when you are on a hurry? 

Why won’t you give it a try. Just pause for a moment, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and listen to yourself. 

What moves you inside?

If you slow down enough you may realize that things become clearer. In fact, when you arrive to the other side of all this hurrying you may notice that the water is crystal clear.

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